True Love Quiz: Is He the Right One?

Are you into true love quiz? Do you always find time to answer one hoping you’ll learn anything from your answers? Have you been hoping that you’ll finally be able to meet the right guy in your true in love quiz result any time soon?

In real life, finding your true love is a lot harder compared to how you do it in the true love quiz. Unlike in the quiz though, there are no erasures once you have made a mistake in real life. You have to live with the mistake and the lessons you have learned from it. Only then will you be able to move on. However there are signs that one can observe in order to minimize mistakes. So how do you know if he is the right one?

Sign #1: He is Not Embarrassed to be Seen with you in Public

Guys who are in love do not feel embarrassed to be seen with the object of their affection. They feel proud when they are with someone they cherish. If you are with a guy you prefers not to be seen in public with you or prefer not to hold hands or talk to you in public, then it can only mean one thing. He feels embarrassed to be seen with you. The guy is definitely not the result in your true love quiz.

Sign #2: He Respects You as Much as you Respect Him

Like in your true love quiz result, the right guy for you would be someone who knows how to show you respect and also knows how to command one from you. A guy who says he loves you but does not even respect your feeling is not really the right one for you and you deserve someone much better. For a relationship to last, mutual respect is a must.

Sign #3: He is Not Afraid to Show his Weak Side

Guys like to appear tough in front of everybody, especially girls. However if a guy can also show you his weak side then it is a sign that he thinks of you as someone special and worth sharing that side of him that most people do not know. Pay attention to how he slowly invites you in his life by his simple gestures such as sharing some things he cannot willingly share with others.

Sign #4: He is Not Ashamed to Tell you How he Feels

Most guys are doers than talkers. It is not always easy for a guy to say the I-Love-You words as often as you want them to; however they do it through their actions. You should not feel bad if you seldom hear your guy telling you I love you. He is probably not used to saying those words. Instead pay attention to how he treats you. If he cannot say the words to you then he probably feels confident letting you know how he feels about you through his actions. If this type of guy matches the result you have in your true love quiz, then this is definitely the guy you have been hoping for while you were answering the quiz.

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