Why Is North East A Bad Feng Shui Direction in 2007?

First, let’s recap some basic facts about Feng Shui.

The schools of Feng Shui can be classified in three broad categories: Traditional or Classical Feng Shui Schools, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School of Feng Shui and Intuitive/Modern Feng Shui Schools.

All schools of Feng Shui are based on similar universal knowledge, but have developed different approaches and techniques for identifying and balancing “Chi”. The underlying principle of Feng Shui is “Chi”. Another word for Chi is “energy”.

Traditional School – Compass School of Flying Stars

Here, we used the Traditional School of Feng Shui which has developed over more than 4,000 years Under the Flying Star theory, the world is in a constant flux. Scientifically, it is based on the electromagnetic effects of the 9 planets (including Pluto which was no longer regarded by astrologer as planet) on our planet Earth. Thus, there are 9 different types of energy which the Flying Star theory terms as “Star”. And the stars “fly” around and change their positions every year. So, you see, there is certain scientific basis for Feng Shui. Due to the concept of stars “flying around”, this theory is the most difficult to master; so difficult that some modern geomancers don’t even know how to apply it. The information that I am sharing here is considered to be secret unknown to some of the modern-day geomancer.

I shan’t bore you further with theories about the Traditional School. Let’s just go straight to the point about its applications.

North East Is A Bad Feng Shui Direction in 2007

In the lunar year 2007 (which will end before the Lunar New Year in 2008), the most unlucky star (start number 5) is in the North East Sector. In other words, houses and offices with main door facing the North East direction would most likely be receiving negative energy (To take the measurement, stand inside your office or your home or the room. Face the door. Take a compass and look at the direction that the compass needle is pointing).

The number 5 star’s negative energy can manifest in many forms and is associated with bad luck in areas of health and wealth. The number 5 star is of the earth element. Thus, avoid using red carpets or hanging anything red if your door is facing the North East direction.

Red Is Unlucky Color If Used in the North East sector in 2007

Why is the color red an unlucky color in this case (contrary to common Chinese custom which state that red is a lucky color)? In Feng Shui, the color red represents “fire”; and in the Feng Shui’s 5 Elements theory, “fire” creates “earth”. (Imagine a pile of ashes after something is burnt). Thus, using red color will strengthen the earth energy of the unlucky number 5 star and its negative energy, which is something you would want to avoid at all costs.

Contradictions with Other Feng Shui Theories

You may be confused on this tip if you heard from other geomancer or Feng Shui tip newsletter which states that the North East Sector is good for Wisdom, Education & Personal Growth, contrary to the tip as mentioned in this article.

This arises from the fengshui world Eight Mansion theory which I strongly do not recommend its application as it is only relevant in a certain types of houses, although it is simplest theory to apply. Most houses and apartments are not suitable for the application of Eight Mansions theory.

In fact, it is common to hear people using the Eight Mansions in 2007 with undesirable outcomes. In the end, they blame it on Feng Shui being ineffective when it is a case of wrong application.

Important Feng Shui Tips to Remember

  1. If your door faces North East, do not make major decisions for this year. If you need to, take extra precautions, be extra meticulous.
  2. Avoid keeping the door open, if it is facing North East.
  3. Avoid keeping the windows open, if they are facing North East.
  4. The area of your place or office facing North East should be clutter free. Bad Chi can get trapped among the clutter and start to spread to your home or office.
  5. Avoid using anything that is red in color in this area. If your door is red in color, try re-painting to a shiny metallic color such as silver or gold. The metal energy of such colors would help to reduce the harmful energy of the number 5 star (which is earth element).If you like to use Chinese ornaments, you can hang six Chinese coins (strung together). This method is said to help reduce the Bad Energy but does NOT dispel the Bad Energy.

However, do note that this only last for the lunar year of 2007. When the lunar year of 2008 comes in Feb of 2008, the Bad Energy will shift to the South.

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