How to invoice a health company

One of the most important financial issues for a medical center has to do with how a business is billed. The process of billing, collections and payments is, in general, very complex, a health center has a multitude of providers, patients and all kinds of payments and collections, therefore, the billing process must be very rigorous, taking carry out an exhaustive record of each of the financial movements that are carried out in the Medical Billing Services.

The billing process in companies related to the healthcare sector has traditionally been carried out in an analog way, however, digital platforms such as Clinic Cloud allow us to work through digital modules, in which we have precise records, predefined invoices and the possibility of sending Directly all our billing to the agency, knowing with total security that the billing process has been correct.

This time we are going to analyze how a company’s billing is done and how we can streamline this process, by using a digital manager such as Clinic Cloud.

The billing process in a healthcare company

The billing of a company includes a series of activities related to the registration and collection of payments, by different people related to the company. It is essential that a health company keep all its collections updated through invoices, for various reasons related to the financial status of the company itself.

The billing process is mandatory and is regulated by the Treasury, therefore, all companies related to the health sector must submit their own billing exercise, which is consistent with the actual activity of the company.

Therefore, each payment must have its corresponding invoice. The invoices will contain the following basic information:

  • Invoice number
  • Billing date
  • ID
  • Goods or services provided by the company
  • Taxes associated with payment
  • Total amount to pay

These are the basic contents of an invoice, although we can complete it with other concepts that may be necessary. In this post you will find more keys to billing your company.

Invoice registration

The billing process for a healthcare company can be much easier if we use a billing program like Clinic Cloud.

Among the main billing options that Clinic Cloud includes, we highlight the following.

  • Default billing templates: You can make invoices simply by filling in the details of each payment on standard forms.
  • Physical and digital invoices: All invoices are generated in digital format, you can also print them to have duplicates on paper.
  • All the collections noted in agendas appear automatically in the payment record, in this way it is easier to have all the payments in a single record.
  • You can include all billing with suppliers, to organize all your bills in a single digital module.
  • The complete billing of your center is exported directly to the management module, which you can send to your manager whenever you need it.
  • You can also save and retrieve pending bills with patients.

These tasks are usually carried out periodically, collecting invoices for a certain period, however, this method can lead to errors, lost invoices, etc. Through digital management you can be sure that each of the invoices is stored and is part of the registry.

Direct sending of billing to the agency

One of the most useful functions of the Clinic Cloud billing module has to do with management work. All invoices are automatically archived and organized in a management module, all the information contained in this part of the software can be exported and sent to your manager whenever you need it. What we achieve through this function is to have all the billing information of our medical center, and make a complete shipment to our manager.

The billing of a health center is essential for its financial evaluation, if we do not have a record of invoices and payments, we will not only be incurring a fault, and it is also possible that many of the invoices we issue remain unpaid.