5 Major Reasons Why Everyday Travelers Are Turning To Private Jets

Private jet flights have experienced a significant increase in popularity over the past few years. The skies are no longer in the realm reserved for the rich and famous, they are for the everyday millionaire next door. This new type of client is turning to private aviation for a variety of reasons, from additional flexibility to avoiding “Karens in the sky.”

1: More flexibility offered today – Gone are the days of having to buy your own plane. Today there are limitless options to enjoy a private flying experience that offers much broader access to aircraft than in years past. Today’s ideal private aviation flier is different from even just a few short years ago. Because of this difference, the expectations of the flying experience are also different, which has forced the industry to evolve. There is more flexibility in the market because that is what clients have demanded.

Historically, the private jet experience came with membership options that were almost too confusing and convoluted to understand. This confusion meant members had to study spreadsheets to understand the per-hour rates, surcharges, and additional fees tacked onto the cost of flights.

Today’s private jet traveler wants more overall flexibility and personalized service when they fly. That flexibility can come in a number of ways in today’s modern jet membership models, including pricing and access to aircraft. The ability to easily request a trip and understand pricing, without the member feeling nickel and dimed on the backend is proving to be an important aspect of membership.

2: Business travelers are turning to flying privately with increased frequency, looking to avoid the numerous hassles of regular commercial airlines. This allows them to fly where they want, when they want, and avoid busy airport traffic, long commutes to their final destination and forced connections between locations. Private jets have comfortable layouts with teamwork spaces, allowing business travelers to stay on top of their work, even high in the sky. This convenience can increase a team’s productivity, reduce stress and keep business humming.

Importantly, jet membership also gives business travelers a fixed cost for flights, which helps them when understanding their budget for travel. No cost recovery with membership ensures that if there is a problem with aircraft or crew, the flight is replaced in a timely manner without additional cost. This ensures business travelers always get to where they need to go.

3: Adults want more freedom flying to recreation destinations – it has never been easier to fly off to your favorite college football game, sunny stay at the beach or weekend on the ski slopes. In today’s economy, many people are willing to pay a premium for experiences. Flying on a private jet turns the headache of travel into part of the wonderful overall experience, with everything from the itinerary of the trip to the interior of the aircraft customized to accommodate individual needs. Furthermore, if you are a dog owner, you will be glad to know that most private jets are pet-friendly. Private jets are an especially ideal choice for larger dogs that often lack any commercial flight options. With a private flight, pets have space to be comfortable with you during a flight rather than being confined to the luggage area.

4: Travelers are exhausted with “Karens in the Air” – Since the pandemic, it is not uncommon at all to witness an unruly passenger disrupting the flight, passengers, and crew, possibly even forcing the plane to return to its originating airport.

The number of incidents continues to be problematic. There were more than 6,000 reports of unruly passengers in 2021, compared to only 146 in 1995. Onboard brawls, flight attendant assaults, passenger punches, offenders frequently duct taped to their seats, and law enforcement escorting passengers off of aircraft are all depicted in cellphone videos often widely shared on social media by other passengers. Flights are diverted as a result of many incidents. People are exhausted by rude behavior displayed on commercial airliners, and they can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing they don’t have to take part in such behavior on a private jet.

5: The fee structure is becoming more transparent – More of today’s private jet membership programs are now built on transparency. Prospective members often gravitate toward programs that are easy to understand and take advantage of pre-billing, giving them the confidence to know what they will pay before they fly. Flying privately is all about convenience, and ultimately, many private jet travelers are realizing they are fed up with the lack of transparency and lack of ease of use of older, more established programs on the market. There are some providers that still today adjust the bill post-flight for added flight time and other surcharges, so the traveler does not understand the cost of the flight until long after they land. In the end, their hourly rate ends up nowhere near what they were initially quoted. Today’s newer jet membership alternatives prebill their flights, which means the cost does not change by the time the plane touches down. .

Modern private jet membership users do not want to feel like they are being taken advantage of. Sure, they have wealth, but they have worked hard for that wealth and transparency and trust are ultra important to them.

Private air travel has long been associated with availability only for the top one percent. The market is expanding to more individuals now, which has required membership programs to adjust to this new kind of member. This has programs offering more flexibility, ease of use and transparency than ever before. Because of this, private aviation offers premium value to both businesses, leisure travelers and families. Opting out of a commercial flight for your vacations or business trips might make a big difference in your enjoyment or business growth.


About The Author: Jordan Brown is the CEO of Jet Agency, a leading private aviation and membership provider offering premium value options without hidden fees. For more information, please visit www.jetagency.com.


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