The Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

There is an environmental crisis happening to our planet right now. Whether that be high carbon emissions, or the oceans full of junk from plastic and oil spills, the evidence is clear. If we don’t try and do our part, someday soon, life on Earth will come to a sad end.

So, as a company, Thorum does our part to ensure that we minimise our impact on the planet’s wellbeing whilst also making amazing wedding rings. We do this in several ways, from using recycled wood to repurposing old guns or skateboards; we constantly push the boundaries of creating unique rings.RINGS MADE OF WW2 GUNSYou’d never have thought a gun could symbolize anything except violence, war, and death. Still, if you repurposed the material and fashioned it into something new, Thorum shows that you can change the meaning entirely. Several rings in our collection are made from a retired WW2 gun, becoming objects of love and passion and bringing people together.Check out: The M1 Garand ring by Thorum.RINGS MADE FROM WHISKEY BARRELSEveryone has their favourite drink. However, once the liquids are gone, you’re often left with unsightly containers tossed into the trash. But what if you could find a way to recycle these containers, such as with oak wooden barrels? Thourm sources many of their oak wedding rings from old whiskey barrels, ensuring our part to make our rings as eco-friendly as possible.Check out: The Norseman or the Black Barrel rings by Thorum.A RING MADE OF BLUE PAUAOther rubbish that gets washed up on beaches is shells, and although they are organic, it takes a long time for them to decay, and with mass fishing industries, it means sometimes shells are dumped on mass. To celebrate the natural beauty of the sea, we’ve obtained paua shells to add color to the classic black ring. Its source is natural and eco-friendly!Check out: The Angler.A RING OF HUMANELY SOURCED ANTLERWhen you think of a ring made of antler, you may immediately believe that someone killed a deer to source the material; however, rest easy as all our antler is humanely sourced from shedding antler. So instead of the material going to waste, it can be reused to create striking organic rings.Check out: The Hemingway.A RING DECORATED WITH PHOSPHOR BRONZE GUITAR STRINGEven if you are the most fantastic guitar owner in the world, one day, the strings will break, and you’ll need to get them replaced. You will likely go through a lot of waste, and you won’t know what to do with the silent strings. Thorum recycles guitar rings, adding them as inlays to create a unique and iconic look that no diamond or other precious gem could pull off. And it saves the planet, too, in some small way.Check out: The Rhoads.A RING MADE OF AN OLD SKATEBOARDThe crazier your kickflips are, the crazier the damage to your skateboard might be when you miss a jump and snap your board in two! Passionate skaters will be lucky if they only go through one board, but if they crack their rides, the splintered boards will often be tossed into the garbage and forgotten about. Thorum shows that these boards can still have a life outside of skating, with a repurposed board turned into a wedding ring. The rich, bright colours compliment the plywood’s soft earthy tones and the harsh metal of the brutalist exterior.FINAL REMARKS: THE BEST ECO-FRIENDLY WEDDING RINGSOne of the best ways to support the environment’s health is to use recycled material from approved suppliers. Another way is to think about who is making and selling you the products that claim to have eco-friendly wedding rings. A ring maker and seller who puts the environment first over profits and quick deals is one you should put your trust in when looking for the best eco-friendly wedding rings.

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