5 Things to do Before Playing Online Poker

If you’re considering playing poker online, you will want to win or at least break even on your session. Nobody wants to lose when the play for money. The advice below are things to consider before you enter an online cash game or tournament.

Watch Training Videos

There are poker training video sites online that that can help you improve at a very cheap price. You can watch or listen at your leisure. You can see how a professional play all types of hands with insights, narration and tips that probably took years for the professional to learn.

Comfortable Setting

Make sure the room you play in is comfortable, free and clear of mess and distractions. Winning at poker is hard enough without making it harder. By making sure you are relaxed where you play, there’s one less thing to worry about and you are also more likely to play better too. Clean your office or bedroom before you fire up a session and you will increase your chances of winning.

Well Rested

Poker is a mental game and requires a lot of concentration and focus. There’s no use playing if you have been up all night or you have had disturbed sleep. Most players play an average of 6 hours a session. That’s almost 75% of a working day and demands you are free from stress and fatigue. It might be worth making a cup of tea or coffee before a session too, just to pep you up.


Don’t play with money you can ill afford to lose. Poker is meant to be fun as well as profitable but if you are playing with money that isn’t dispensable i.e. you need it to eat or pay bills, don’t play in the first place. Play low stakes or free-rolls to learn the game. It’s important to recognize the level you are at and play at an appropriate level. Please remember to gamble responsibly.

Choosing a Site

There are plenty of websites online to play, have a look at the reviews before playing so you know which ones are the best and avoid the ones where the professionals are. You want to play with the worst players so you have a better chance of winning.


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