Using social networks to publish what happens daily in our work or personal environment is very fashionable. But How can I get more followers on my Instagram account and get them interested in the content I want to share?

If you want to get more followers, regardless of whether your account is personal or business, in this post I will tell you some tricks for your #Instagram or for a client you manage. Cheating is not okay but we are not in school, some are valid.

Try to make sure that this 2023, your IG takes on a new style every time and gives it a level.

That your photos are always well taken care of is key on Instagram, being a very visual social network, you must take care of even the smallest detail buy instagram followers instantly.

Take into account the colors, the sharpness of the photograph, the quality (that it is not pixelated, unless it is a desired effect).

Although it’s hard to accept, we love to gossip and the coolest photo has a point in its favor for that like so desired.

Try to make the photo vertical, preferably (1080×1080 or 1:1, square formats), they will give a professional touch to the profile.

Also, your feed could have the photos in horizontal format, depending on how you want it and the touch you want to give it.

Try to draw attention in the caption, whether with a phrase, a question or a short story, talk about the place or an anecdote that explains something linked to the photo you will publish, it may or may not be funny.

The idea above all is to connect with your followers and have them comment on your publications .

Get those new followers, visit accounts that share content similar to yours, comment and give likes or likes, manually, say goodbye to scheduling comments with bots.

The use of bots can work but I do not recommend it for two reasons: you may comment on unwanted content and it may not go with your editorial line. The second reason is that sooner or later you can be penalized by Instagram, avoid bad vibes, don’t go for the easy thing.

Avoid giving more than 100 likes in an hour, I dare say less than that and don’t be too fast, your action You may be penalized or your action may be blocked for several hours or longer.

In accounts similar to yours you can find your market niche, know those future ones well followers or followers, interact with them and try not to make it seem forced.

Ah! Very important, do not leave aside your followers, especially those who always like your posts or comment on your publications. Always find a way to thank them their fidelity, make them feel important.

Spy on other accounts: influencers, celebrities, people with many followers, comment, like, and identify the most active followers. Go to their accounts and follow them, they will surely give you a followback.

Be careful, not everyone will return that follow but if the account is worth it, follow it without expecting anything in return.

Try not to become obsessed with gaining followers for the sake of gaining them. The engagement you achieve with the few you have will always be better than a lot of people who will only serve to increase the metric of the users who follow you.

Stay ahead, you should know which #hashtags are very fashionable, go for those trends so they can find you new followers.

You can give them the followback and pay close attention to what content they publish. See if you actually have an affinity with them, if they have a public profile they make it easier for you, take a look and if you are not sure, it is better not to follow them.

Avoid the bad practice of following and leaving because if they are a very active user, they will notice and stop following you. And if you’re like me, you’ll keep a collection with those who do that practice.

Look at how many people follow the person you want to follow and how many they follow, see if they maintain a balance, look at the interactions that they generate in their posts, this can give you an idea of ​​whether it is a person who can generate traffic indirectly to your account.

Avoid excess hashtags, although you can use up to 30, it is better to use between 2 and 7 at most and that are related to the published content.

You must define yourself well, you can use one or two keywords that identify your sector.

A good profile photo so that people know who you are and place a URL of your website (try to keep it well maintained ) in case you have.

By implementing your website through a url you can generate traffic and if people like it they will follow you but you must make a call to attention .

Whenever you have a new article or something you want to highlight, take advantage of your url.

I have a private profile at the moment, with a personal account. Also, I have my newly created marketing account @jenifergeronimomkt

The objectives with both accounts are different. The first is a personal account while the second has less time and is a business account.

It is an advantage to manage the two profiles with different configurations. This allows me to see Instagram updates for a business account and a personal account. Believe me, they are totally different and the algorithm values ​​them in a different way.

If you want statistics, you will have to opt for a business account, that way from the beginning, you will be able to measure the impact of the account.

Some of my colleagues say that having their profile private for a while and then making it public helps them achieve more followers.

But be careful, if a priori what you want is an open profile, avoid changing from public to private, it may confuse your followers. Unless you get penalized, switching from one account type to another can help you get your customization removed.

What I advise is that if you are a public figure or a company, a public profile generates more trust. Up to you!

Jeni, what do you eat that with, what is the valuable content? It is common to see profiles that do not take advantage of the networks and publish for the sake of publishing, and we notice this because they generate little interaction in their publications, don’t join this.

Even if you are not a large company, a celebrity, public figure or influencer, avoid excessive publications but when you do, generate good content.

Thanks to the fact that Instagram grows more every day, the way to show what we do can be done in several ways: Posts, IGTV, broadcast live (lives), stories, highlights or featured stories, carousel photos, each one can be used for a different purpose, that must be defined by you, according to your objectives.

With the posts we can publish infographics, phrases in the form of images and photos, trying to achieve empathy with the followers, we must try to generate interaction.

The stories, due to their duration of 15 seconds, although sometimes IG separates them. They must be used to generate raffles, contests or redirect traffic to our website. Of the latter, if you get 10k, you will have the sweep up so that users can click on a link that you want to give value to.

While the featured stories, to highlight the ones that you can generate the most interactions with your followers, create a cover that attracts attention in each one, be it the countries you have traveled to, event, etc.

IGTV which is like a YouTube channel but on Instagram, it must be published for very specific things, for example: in case it is a profile of a restaurant, show how to make a dish or recipe but try not to use more than 5 minutes maximum, although you can extend it to 15 minutes.

In my business account I made an IGTV so they could activate me to be able to program on IG from Creator Studio. So far, I have made two. And I plan to publish more in the near future.

The live broadcast, I recommend it for very important events with the attendance of the public and better if the event is your own, and that the content is what your followers consume.

Carousel photos can be used to carry out a promotion, contests…

Never stop posting in a week, but that will depend on how well known you are. It is recommended 3 to 4 times a week, have at least 1 or 2 stories, maximum 3. It will depend on your traffic flow and if they are very active.

If you are well known, or want to highlight a fact, perhaps you can allow yourself more, but don’t always abuse it!

Remember that Instragram is a social network where photos in 1:1 format look better and the photos should not be horizontal, as Unless you do it on purpose.

Do you know what comes into play when it comes to being creative? Well, it is no secret to anyone that a well-planned photo is a plus, if you upload a photo, no Choose any one, let your imagination fly.

It is valid to use resources such as Photoshop and others photo editing programs like Snapseed, Picsart, Lightroom. Of all those mentioned, you have the mobile version that is easier to use.

Not knowing how to use programs that require greater design mastery does not prevent you from being less creative, mobile applications allow you to retouch photos and use filters, etc.

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