How to choose the right pet?

With the exception of those who are not attracted to animals, we are all, in principle, good candidates to have a pet at home as a member of the family best family pets. To be so, we have to choose the right pet according to the family environment, the size of the home and the resources we have available.

In any case, at Experto Animal, we want to discourage impulsive behaviors from adopting or buying a pet, either because we see them “sad” on display in a store or because they followed us down countless streets to the door of our house, without previously evaluating them. if we can meet the minimum requirements to guarantee your well-being.

For this reason, and some more that we will expand on below, we are going to demystify how to choose the right pet. Keep reading!

Does each person have their perfect pet?
There are many benefits that animals provide us at different stages of life, both when carrying out therapies for the elderly and for adults, adolescents, children and people with autism, for example.

Although we can all recognize ourselves in the role of good pet owners, the pet does not always choose us . This is frequently observed in a family dynamic where one of the members, generally the mother, is in charge of feeding, cleaning and daily care.

However, the animal chooses another family member to continue, until tired, and play. This often offends people because they are not the one chosen for fun times, only for basic needs. For this reason, I believe that one of the most important questions to answer is : Why do I want a pet? It is about answering this question honestly since your answer will be the key to finding our perfect furry companion, or not so much… We will do a study, even if it is internal to our personality, tastes and lifestyle. Below, we offer you some clues that can help you think about the ideal pet for you:

  • Love and fidelity – Dog
  • Company and affection – Cat
  • Intelligence – Parrots and Rats
  • Fun and joy – Guinea pig
  • Affection – Rabbit
  • Beauty – Fish
  • Animal instinct – Ferret
  • Beauty and alternatives – Reptiles

Regardless of the pet we choose, whether it is a hamster or a Saint Bernard dog, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is a domesticated living being and therefore completely dependent on us, since it has never learned to fight for its food or a shelter from adverse weather conditions. In return for minimal care, they will fill us with love and unforgettable moments. Anyone who shares their life with a pet ever understands that it is part of their family and will never be able to forget it, suffering the farewell to it like that of any loved one and/or family member.

How do I get my pet?
Basically we have 3 ways to get to our pet: adoption, purchase and gift . We will briefly detail each of them:

Adoption: It is the greatest gesture of love when looking for our pet. We will not deny that they are very long-suffering animals since they have normally passed through homes or were rescued from environments where they were not very wanted. Luckily this route is becoming increasingly popular among the population as they are sensitized by the tremendous abandonment of animals . There are institutional, private and mixed entities, since many are helped by state entities that seek the common good. They collect animals of all types, young, old, with problems or very healthy, and look for a temporary home (until they find a permanent home because unfortunately the spaces are not as large as the number of abandoned animals) or a permanent home. Interviews are carried out with families who are potential adopters and an attempt is made to choose the most suitable place for each one. Choosing this option has multiple benefits, such as helping the shelters to continue doing their work and giving a home to an animal that has gone through a terrible situation, abandonment.

The purchase compared to the previous route is usually highly punished since many people in the environment question why encourage the sale if it can be adopted. In pet stores we can find all types of species and if we choose this route, our advice is to observe the treatment they give to the animals and the facilities in which they are kept. Breeders are usually another option, where we will visit the kennel, see the treatment of the animals, the parents and the papers that show us a little of the dedication of these merchants who often do nothing more than maintain the validity of the breed through the years, as pure as possible. Lastly, I personally don’t like it at all but I must tell you that it exists, there is online shopping. It is not recommended since many times we do not even see the copy we bought before making the financial deposit. If you choose this option, ask for health certificates, pedigree, health certificate and any type of guarantee that we can obtain to give us peace of mind. Remember that, if you see a pet store or breeder that has animals in totally deplorable conditions, you must report animal abuse . Those who get rich from the trade in living beings must ensure their good physical and psychological health.

The gift usually gets bad press since in general, animals end up with people who had not considered having a pet or, what is worse, are not aware of what a pet represents. The decision should always be considered with its pros and cons and only if it is truly desired. Remember that a puppy, regardless of the species, should not be separated from the mother before 8 weeks of age, thus respecting what nature teaches us.

Happy life together!
Having a pet is a responsibility and its life is literally in our hands . Whether we choose a bird, a turtle, a hamster, a dog or a cat, among others, we must consider our lifestyle, our economic resources to meet their requirements, how our human family is formed and if we will all help or if the entire Responsibility will fall on a single family member.

Having a pet is one of the best experiences we can enjoy in our lives, full of good and unforgettable moments. Let’s make a thoughtful and debated choice as a family to never come to regret. Let us know that most of our pets’ illnesses are due to or influenced by a poor quality of life and/or stress in an environment where they are not loved. Let’s avoid this and have a happy life together, between species.

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