Bakery Gingham: What Is SELF According To Psychology

The English word self translates to psychology as itself and is a construct (concept or descriptive category) used by various psychological schools, such as social psychology, cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanism or Gestalt among others. As usually happens in psychology, the definitions on the itself are diverse, they acquire their meaning according to the theoretical … Read more

Bakery Gingham: FruitToday Rewards ORC For Its Mobile App Developed By Pro Solutions

The fruit industry magazine, Fruit Today, has awarded the Estrellas de Internet award to the best mobile app for our client, the Orri Mandarino Producers Association, Orri Running Committee (ORC). The award-winning mobile application, developed by Pro Solutions, is the first app that identifies authorized parcels of citrus farms specifically the ORRI mandarin variety, allowing … Read more

Bakery Gingham: The Best Kitchen Utensils You Can Have

How about some kitchen utensils ideas? The one that is an environment in constant movement and that receives many visits throughout the day should always be in order. And of course have interesting utensils and that facilitate our work in the kitchen. In addition to all the furniture and appliances our kitchen needs various utensils … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Cognitive Dissonance, What Is It?

In psychology the term cognitive dissonance refers to psychological distress or internal tension that we perceive when a personal belief is challenged by new information incompatible or contradictory, or when our beliefs conflict with our behavior. When we perceive the incompatibility of two simultaneous ideas about the same aspect, we tend to ignore new information … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Know The Possibilities Of Advertising Through WhatsApp

oy in day, thanks to the role that social networks and information and communication technologies are assuming in the marketing area, companies have been forced to redesign their strategies, implementing new practices for this purpose. allow them to get the attention of the public, such as doing whatsapp marketing . Therefore, vendors offering support service … Read more

Bakery Gingham: The Worldwide Phenomenon Of The Walkman

The Walkman, for those who did not know or forgot, is a portable music player, such as MP3 smatphones, of course each one with its own characteristics. It emerged in 1979 and was a revolution. It allowed listening to music anywhere and at any time, as advertised by Sony's motto. There were more than 400 … Read more

Bakery Gingham: If You Are Going To Communicate On YouTube, Do Not Forget SEO

Nowadays it is indisputable that the preferred format for consumers is video, absolute king of digital content for its convenience, agility and entertainment. And in this reign of the video, Undoubtedly stands out among the other subjects. This audiovisual platform has a trillion active users every month, so brands must develop specific strategies for this … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Trends In Digital Marketing For 2018

The new year is coming and with it, lots of analysis of 2017, lists of good intentions, commitments and studies to know what the year will be like in a few weeks. In Pro Solutions, as a digital marketing agency in Valencia, we wanted to make a list of trends in digital marketing for 2018. … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Myths That Can Lead To Rupture

By now, nobody should believe that when two people decide to be together; "They are happy and eat partridges". Relationships are expensive they take time and consist in sharing a part of your life with another so things do not always go as you want. It is a kind of democracy between two human beings … Read more

Bakery Gingham: My Son Wet The Bed, Child Enuresis?

Infant enuresis is defined by the International Incontinence Society of children as "a urinary incontinence that occurs during sleep." At the terminological level childhood enuresis occurs intermittently during the night . But, when is it considered a real problem? According to the ICCS, there is a problem of infant incontinence if the age of 5 … Read more

Bakery Gingham: The Online Store: The Business Of The Future

Online stores, like the internet, have no barriers and you can find potential customers around the world. You online store will always be open. To sell! In addition, with all the digital platforms and online marketing tools, you can become more known and reach potential customers who are on the Internet. Use social networks and … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Changing Table Sheets In Daycare Centers

Persons who treatment for infants recognize that when you treatment for a child you are necessary to adjust diapers often. When you own a childcare facility, it is a nicely-recognized point that several diapers will be transformed in the course of the several hours of procedure. Anytime you are managing infants, or any age baby, … Read more

Bakery Gingham: Taking Advantage Of Month Stickers

It is astounding how speedy babies develop. There are a million and a single factors moms and dads and people would want to do with them from working day 1 of their entry into the entire world but a person busy day of diapers sales opportunities to a different before one is familiar with it, … Read more