6 Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet You Need to Know

Probably you’ve heard about internet fiber optics or maybe even already use this kind of service. If you want to know more about the concept, read this article.

Many companies that offer it display their benefits in advertising materials and websites.

However, it is often difficult to understand computer language exactly. After all, what are your differentials in relation to other types of connection?

Here we will talk about how this technology works and highlight the main advantages of fiber optic internet.

  1. Low Attenuation

The fiber optic internet has low attenuation. The measurement is performed through decibels (dB), and the lower level reaches, the more quality the internet will have.

The fiber optic internet has this advantage because of the way its transmission is performed. It utilizes light pulse technology, traversing an area composed of silica or glass, still having several protective layers.

Therefore, the signal loss is very low. The attenuations usually stay in homes between 3 and 5 dB / km. Thus, fiber optics can be used over long distances and even across oceans.

  1. Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference is a serious problem that can hit internet networks, but this does not happen with fiber optics.

They are immune against natural discharges or other energy-efficient devices.

Other technologies for data transmission use copper in the procedure, material easily hit by electricity.

In fiber optics this does not happen because the information is carried by means of light. In this way, investing in equipment that is capable of this type of connection is an important step for companies that work with providers

  1. Electrical Insulation

The fiber optic internet has thin and flexible cables, allowing the structure of the place where it will be installed not to be changed.

As it is composed of materials with the insulating quality, the passage of electricity is prevented. In the event of a cable break, there is no possibility of sparks, short circuits or any problems related to the electrical condition.

  1. Speed ​​”in the cloud”

Many believe that in the future, all data storage will be done in clouds. For this, the connection speed must be high, stable and reliable.

Taking into account the values, the optical fiber is the best option in the market. The upload quality does not disappoint, and in a short time it is possible to upload the files to the cloud.

  1. Low Cost

The fibers are usually produced with quartz, a product more filling than copper and other metals. What do raise the price are the treatments made in quartz, to leave the material pure.

The installation of fiber optics is more expensive, but over time the maintenance is worth the investment, up to 80% cheaper.

  1. Glass wires do not rust

Another advantage of using glass instead of metals is that they do not suffer from the actions of time, do not rust or rust.

In addition, the action of chemicals also has no impact. This helps to increase cable life, reducing maintenance costs, for more details visit Sopto.