5 Assignments for a Hilarious Bachelor Party

Hilarious assignments and games cannot be missed at a bachelor party. Think of eating a whole lemon or wearing a T-shirt with faint orders that have to be completed. One thing is certain: the assignments are guaranteed to make you laugh.

  1. Dress up the future bride or groom

At a bachelor party, of course, it must be immediately clear who the bride or groom is. Let the bachelor dress up in for example a rabbit suit or superman outfit. Bystanders are therefore more inclined to cooperate with assignments. After all, they can see that it is a bachelor party.

  1. T-shirt with assignments

Give the bachelor a personalized t shirts for couples with instructions on it. When the assignment is complete, the bachelor may check it off. Also nice: write all different boy names (for the bride) or girl names (for the groom) on the T-shirt and give the bachelor the assignment to find all the names. If the bachelor has found someone with one of the names, then he can tick off the name.

  1. Eat lemon

Does the bachelor think it easy to get rid of it? Then he does not know you yet. Give him the assignment to eat a whole lemon. You fall from your chair laughing at the strange pelvis that the bachelor will pull. The beauty is: you only need a lemon here.

  1. Quiz with questions about each other

Think of a quiz with questions for the whole group. During the quiz you answer questions about each other, for example about your favorite movie, favorite food or the number of exes. You will be surprised how little you actually know about your friends.

  1. Collect phone numbers

Does the expectant bride wind every man around her finger or is the bridegroom a real woman devoured? Have the bachelor collect ten telephone numbers from passersby of the opposite sex. If you want to make the assignment more challenging and funnier, let the bachelor collect condoms instead of telephone numbers. How long would it take before the bachelor collected ten condoms?