5 tips to choose the bridal headdress

Do you want to wear the best bridal headdress for your wedding? You have to look for it with enough time to get the election right. Do not forget that before looking for it, you have to be very clear about what the dress and hairstyle will be like. The headdress is a complement that can be very flattering and make a spectacular look, but also a bad choice can be a mistake … Take note.

Type of ceremony

For civil ceremonies you can choose from many different models. But if it is religious is usually opt for the veil or the traditional mantilla. If the wedding is celebrated during the day, large models such as pamelas are recommended, but if it is celebrated at night, it is best to opt for a discreet headdress with tiny and elegant flowers in various shades or a simple gold or silver crown.

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Beware of the hairstyle

If you have long hair you have the possibility to choose any headdress, but if you wear it short there are fewer options. You can keep a simple comb or a wreath with wild flowers. For brides with long hair, you can choose a bridal headdress of larger size as a gold crown, brooch type or feathers, lace or rhinestones.

The height of the bride

If the bride is not very tall, she always has to choose a headdress that stylizes her figure. Nothing of pamela type headdresses. Tall or mid-height brides however can choose from a greater variety of headdresses regardless of their size or style.

Wedding dress

You have to take into account when choosing the headdress you should also know how to choose the wedding dress and its style. The headdress should complement the dress but never eclipse it. Look for a headdress following the style of the link, whether country, vintage, boho, glitter or romantic. If you have opted for a striking dress, you can look for a simpler headdress to counteract the effect of the dress. If on the contrary you have chosen a simple dress, you have to put the accent on the accessories such as shoes, bouquet or headdress.

Placement of a headdress

As for the placement of the headdress it is best to consult the stylist on the day of the test. Wear the headdress to assess if you can take it with the chosen hairstyle and to advise you on how it would be better placed. When in doubt, always look for the one that best suits you and not the one that would look better with your look. And remember that it can be placed laterally, forward or in the area behind the hair.

Finally, we recommend you always go to the professionals, because they will be the best to inform you of every detail for your big day, in this case you can go to the most prestigious signatures of headwear and the best party dresses to get a ideal look.