5 Tips to Get a Great Barbershop Haircut for Men – Professional Hairstyles for Men

Twice a month, I try to visit my hairdresser for a haircut. I’ve been going to him for the last 20 years. He knows me very well; he does not even bother to ask me how I want it to be. He only knows. It’s always the same; a short crop cut.

I have always thought that all men need a good hairdresser. There is something about going to an old-school place and cutting the hair of a merchant who is skilled with the use of razors, razors and scissors.

The video below shows Barber Luke with a classic man’s cut. Observe how skilled you are in using tools. It’s as if I was born to do this kind of work.

I’m not saying that stylists in unisex salons cannot do this. Many can but, in my opinion, hairdressers offer the best options for men who like classic and traditional cuts with blades and scissors.

Barber Hair Cutting Tips for Boys

Unfortunately, the old world barbers are becoming a thing of the past. All you have to do is look around and you will see that many of them disappear from the American landscape. That is very bad because their unique craftsmanship is truly an art form.

That’s why when you find a barber that you like, it’s important to get to know him. Think of it as an investment in you and in the future that has the potential to produce results in the years to come.

Having good communication with your hairdresser is essential. Doing so will help you get a good haircut. In addition, eventually you will know exactly what your style is without having to say a word.

Most barbers have a lot of experience. If you follow the following 5 tips, you can get a good haircut each and every time.

  1. Be specific

When you cut your hair, you should be as careful as possible in describing the type of style you want. This is best achieved by knowing the clipper sizes and hair length associated with each number guard. If you only ask for an “adjustment”, the barber has no idea how much hair you are talking about.

The numeric protectors usually run from 1 to 8 and represent the length of inches. For example, a # 1 guard is 1/8 of an inch, a # 4 guard is 4/8 of an inch, and a # 8 guard is an inch. By knowing these numbers, you can easily communicate with your hairdresser and let him know exactly what you want.

A good description would be: “I would like to have a number 8 on the top, a number 1 on the sides, and a decreasing back”. These instructions allow your hairdresser to know exactly how to cut your hair and you will not be attracted to it. Any surprise when you get home this also allows your barber to know that you understand his work.

FYI: If your beard is cut because you want the woodcutter to look, use the same previous approach. Be specific and tell your barber exactly what you would like. He will not laugh at you in front of everyone in the barbershop. Promise!

  1. Know your Hair

Not everyone can get the same haircut. Depending on your face and hair type, you should get a cut that makes you look your best. That’s why taking a picture of a celebrity at the hairdresser and asking the barber to make you look like this will not work.

Short hairstyles work best for most types of hair and facials, but if you want a longer cut, you should be realistic with your expectations. If you have curly red hair and a round face, you probably cannot take off the flat lid. However, you can look good with a brush cut or similar hairstyle.

By knowing the type of hairstyle that best suits your head; you can get excellent haircuts and be sure that it will look good. There is no shame in not being able to get the cut you want. Take your time and find the cut that looks best on you and return it with pride.

  1. Be your Friend

One often-overlooked aspect of going to the barbershop is talking to your hairdresser. Many men do not like doing this and want the barber to stand still and cut their hair. But, if you open up to your hairdresser and ask him questions about his day, you will make a friend. This is important because your friend is not going to mess your hair.

By establishing a relationship with your barber, you will ensure that you take your time with your haircut. I realize that many men are in a hurry and want to get in and out of the hairdresser as quickly as possible, but this is not always a good idea.

If you sit in the chair and tell the barber to hurry, you will not get a quality cut.

You do not have to be your best friend in the whole world, but at least you should know the names of others, your favorite beer and who you are looking for in the big game.

From time to time, you can even bring her a small gift such as a six pack or a T-shirt. This lets you know that you are not only your client, but also your friend.

  1. Good Advice and Do not Complain

Always tip your hairdresser and tip him, no matter what. The barbers are human beings and they will spoil it from time to time, but while it is not important at all, do not complain and leave the usual advice.

If you’re one of those guys who complain about a hair down, the barber will remember you as the idiot who is a perfectionist.

Nobody has a perfect haircut and you should not either. As long as 99% of your hair looks good, it’s fine. Do not be the customer who tries to leave a smaller tip just because your side is a little crooked.

If you have forged a solid friendship with your hairdresser, he will take care of that without you having to tell him.

The amount you must pay depends on how much the haircut costs. Most hairdressers charge between $ 20.00 – $ 25.00 and a $ 5 tip is usual. If you can afford it, I encourage you to give more tips. If you went to an elegant hairdresser, a haircut will only cost you $ 50.

Tilt your barber and tip him well.

  1. Fulfill a Routine

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when you go to the barbershop is consistent. You should mark your calendar every month and set aside some time to spend at the barbershop. Every two weeks works for most men with short and Professional Hairstyles For Men, but it is not unusual for someone to go every week.

You should also continue with the same hairstyle for long periods of time. If you go there and ask for a different appearance at each visit, the barber will think you are crazy and do not want to cut your hair. And if the barber does not want to cut his hair, he will not do a good job.

Going to the barbershop is more than just cutting your hair. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with other men, something that is essential for their well-being. You should see your haircuts as an opportunity to become a better person every time you leave the store and with these tips you will be sure to achieve that goal.

Adding Things

Finding a hairdresser to give you a good haircut can be difficult. When it detects one, it is convenient to keep it. With the passage of time, he will know who you are and the type of style that best suits your needs.

Fortunately, the barbershop hair cutting tips I have offered here will do you good.