Christmas Packages: That’s how they arrive safely

Domestically, it usually suffices to send the gifts about two to three days before the festival.

With colorful ribbons and glittering paper gifts look beautifully festive. But when shipping parcels or parcels such a decoration is impractical. What you should pay attention, so that the Christmas gifts really arrive in time for the festival know more.

Helpful tips and tricks

If gifts are elaborately packed, they should be packed in a plain box for shipping. Not to increase the tension, but to arrive on time. Ideally, they are sealed with tape. “Cords, ribbons or loose wrapping paper can easily get stuck in the automatic sorting systems,” explains post spokesman Elmar Müller. The machines could thereby block. For sending in addition to new boxes quite well old packages are. “But then, customers should make sure that there are no old barcodes or old stickers on them,” advises Ingo Bertram of Hermes. The remnants of old postal trips on the parcels can confuse the sorting machines. To prevent further misunderstandings, a clearly legible font helps. ”

The parcel subsidiary of Deutsche Post, DHL, provides tips for safe transport on the company website: Heavy items are always included in the parcel. And who wants to send perfume or creams should pack the goods in addition to a bag. This is the only way to avoid leakage in the package. Just fragile gifts should wrap customers with air cushion stuff.