The best tips to increase testosterone

If you want to increase the natural level of testosterone, knowing the best strategies in the gym and outside of it can be quite useful for any amateur bodybuilder or professional bodybuilder Male Extra review.

Work with weights

Muscle training stimulates muscle building by destroying muscle fibers. The body then repairs these damaged muscles. Training with additional loads also allows you to increase the testosterone level directly after each session. Research has shown that polyarticular movements such as squat increase the natural testosterone rate.

Limit cardio exercises

Including cardiovascular work in the training plan is reasonable for the health of the cardiovascular system and for controlling the percentage of fat. But the danger lies in going over the line, to the point of altering muscle growth. Just look at the marathon runners to realize that they have little muscle mass, since it negatively impacts the performance of the long distance race.

Abusing cardiovascular work is not only counterproductive to the muscles, but also to the testosterone rate.

Consume enough proteins

We all know that we need protein to make muscle mass, but you may not know that its consumption increases the rate of testosterone. Scientific research on the subject has shown that a diet richer in protein and less high in carbohydrates has a positive effect on the liver, kidneys, and testosterone. In addition to protein-based supplements, food should be focused on animal proteins, such as dairy, eggs, chicken, and fish.

Eat vegetables

Vegetables are crucial for optimal health and muscle growth. Some vegetables are recognized for increasing the level of testosterone, as is the case of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and so on. This is due to the phytonutrients that contain and that eliminate estrogen.

Increase the contribution in lipids

Fatty acids such as omega 3 are important for a complete and balanced diet, but saturated lipids, considered as dangerous for health, have advantages, especially for those who practice muscle building and seek to increase the level of testosterone and muscle mass.

Avoid alcohol

A moderate consumption of alcohol improves the health of the heart, a significant and daily consumption significantly reduces the rate of testosterone. The inflammation created by alcohol degrades hormonal production.

The Tribulus Terrestris

This natural supplement testosterone comes from a plant that grows in North America and Asia. It is used to increase libido for hundreds of years.

The Fenugreek

Another excellent supplement to increase testosterone is Fenugreek, a plant of European origin and also from West Asia. It helps increase libido and increases the rate of testosterone. Another advantage of Fenugreek is its impact on the increase in insulin, which can increase muscle growth after bodybuilding training.


The ginseng is a root that is often consumed in the Asia, and is also included in drinks, becoming a very powerful nutrient that supports many physiological functions. Ginseng increases testosterone, stimulating the nervous system and gonadal tissue. Ginseng also contains ginsenosides that increase the conversion of arginine to nitric oxide, which helps build muscle.

Get enough sleep

Sleep favors, not only recovery, but helps to keep the hormones essential for muscle building, such as growth hormone and testosterone. After a good rest, not only more energy is needed, but a higher level of testosterone is necessary, which favors obtaining better results in bodybuilding.