The superfood you cannot miss everywhere

If you thought you already knew everything about superfoods , give yourself a try and give us a chance to explain. Because yes, very beautiful your turmeric and your moringa, but everything indicates that the new healthy / cool / advanced ingredient will be the blue spirulina , also known in superfoodesc circles as blue majik.

For those who do not go much in this naturist wave and superfoods, spirulina is a cyanobacteria (formerly known as “blue algae”) that has a spiral shape (hence its name), and is greenish blue because it contains chlorophyll (which gives the color green) and phycocyanin (pigment that gives the color bluish). Until now, the most popular one was green, but he already introduced us to his kind twin sister Amazing Grass Green Superfood.

This superfood not only has a hyper cool nickname – which sounds like Jimi Hendrix’s song – and a highly Instagrameable blue shade, but its properties guarantee it, as well as being rich in iron, vitamin A and vitamin B12, it helps to improve digestion … among many other things.

Super-strong spirulina

According to Whitney Tingle , co-founder of the Sakara nutrition program, “Studies show that phycocyanin, the active complex in the pigment-protein of blue spirulina, can remove heavy metals, protect cells from DNA damage caused by aging and the environment and reduce inflammation that causes diseases in the body, “he said in an interview with the Fashionista site . “It also helps increase immunity, promotes an ideal pH balance and is rich in mineral embellishments.”

Its benefits are so many, that several gurus of healthy eating have begun to integrate blue spirulina into their recipes. The blogger Italia Castañón , for example, includes it in her smoothie bowls , her lemonade and even in brownies!

For its part, the health coach  Michelle Ronay prepares it in a bowl with coconut and almond yogurt, fresh figs, coconut flakes, bee pollen and amaranth wafer and chocolate that, honestly, already seemed to us just imagine it.