Meal Replacement Shakeology Opinion – Fashion Weight Loss or Superfood Gap?

The phenomenal success of Shakeology, a unique blend of proteins, vitamins and nutrient-rich foods, has many questioning whether manufacturers are making fraudulent claims, or if this is another scam of weight loss. Does Shakeology live up to its reputation as “The healthiest meal of the day?” Shakeology is a nutritional shake formulated to help you lose weight, increase energy, reduce cholesterol, promote healthy digestion and reducego the cravings. It can be used as a health supplement or meal replacement drink Shakeology Ingredients.

The patented blend of integral food sources in Shakeology helps the body progressively eliminate toxins more effectively while improving the absorption of essential nutrients. With the continued use of digestive and probiotic enzymes in Shakeology will help to eliminate fat and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.

What’s in Shakeology?

1) Whey protein acids and essential amino acids. It includes whey protein, the most absorbable source to help build muscle mass. It also matches blood sugar levels.

2) 23 essential vitamins and minerals

3) Prebiotics and digestive enzymes. Prebiotics support the growth of “good” bacteria in the digestive tract that helps the body absorb more nutrients from food. Digestive enzymes help with the distribution of food.

4) Antioxidants and phytonutrients. Antioxidants protect the body’s cells against the damage of free radicals that can accelerate aging. Phytonutrients can help prevent a wide range of degenerative diseases. Studies show that the consumption of both at once works better than individually.

Shakeology is gluten and without caffeine and without refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

A recent independent 90-day study of participants who exercised correctly and substituted a meal each day with Shakeology demonstrated the following:

– Reduction of oxidative stress, a risk factor for degenerative diseases, by up to 90%.

– The decrease in total cholesterol levels by an average of 30% and “bad” cholesterol levels by an average of 38%.

– Reduction of cardiovascular risk factors by an average of 24%.

The end result: Shakeology is a legitimate food replacement formula loaded with high quality, nutrient-rich “super foods” that when combined with regular exercise will help improve health and well-being. Shakeology serves as an ideal nutritional supplement for people who work in physically demanding fitness programs.