Custom children’s t-shirts

How to personalize children’s shirts?

A good way to advertise a product for the little ones is not to neglect the small (or large) details boy friend & girl friend t shirt. What do you think of these personalized t-shirts for promotions? They can be a great promotional gift Here:, since the kids love to wear funny shirts, especially if they are stamped with designs as nice as this:

There are several cheap stamping techniques that you can use to personalize shirts:


For designs with 1-2 inks.


Reproduces photographic designs or with multiple colors.


only on white or light colored shirts.


Ideal for numbers or texts.


The textile screen printing offers the best value for money today, so in our shop are specialists in this stamping technique. The results speak for themselves. Look at the details!

The Basque writer Toti Martínez de Lezea has presented a new adventure of Nur, the heroine of a popular children’s collection of books. And the protagonist of these personalized t-shirts for children.

For children’s advertising t-shirts our recommendation is to choose cheap clothes, like this Roly Beagle t-shirt. You have it available in many bright colors and sizes from 1-2 years to 11-12 years.

In our online catalog of children’s shirts you will find a wide range of options if you need t-shirts for schools, youth academies, excursions, camps, children’s festivals or to promote toys, children’s books or video games.