How to increase testosterone in a natural way?

Testosterone is the sex hormone of men. It is part of the so-called androgens and is mainly responsible for giving male characteristics to people buy Nugenix direct from manufacturer.

It is also responsible for giving sustainability to sexual impulses, promotes the generation of sperm and hair on the body. Many people wonder if it is possible to increase testosterone naturally.  And the answer is yes.

The process of testosterone

The appearance of this hormone begins already during pregnancy; the testes of the fetus receive stimulation throughout its development. This stimulus can follow even after birth (a few weeks later). After this stage there is no production of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone is reactivated upon reaching the stage of puberty. Once this point is reached, it will be the pituitary gland (in the brain) that controls the production of testosterone in the testes. Before pointing out how to increase testosterone in a natural way, you should be clear about the functions of this hormone in the body.

During pregnancy: as already indicated, the production of this hormone begins in gestation. The development of the sex glands and the appearance of external genitalia is possible through testosterone.

In puberty: at this stage, testosterone is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics of the masculine type , of some characteristics, such as the tone of voice, the appearance of beard and body hair. Similarly, sperm maturation occurs.

In adults: testosterone is responsible at this stage for the regulation of sexual functions. Sexual potency, fertility and libido are controlled by this hormone; In addition, masculine features developed at puberty are completed.

Benefits of testosterone


This substance produces a better sexual functioning; the higher levels of testosterone promote good libido activity. This, as a logical consequence, leads to a better sexual performance as functionality.

It can also be seen that the ability to procreate increases if testosterone is high. That is, the person with high testosterone has greater ability to procreate at older age.

The muscles

Testosterone helps define the portion of muscle that can develop, because it is a very anabolic hormone. When testosterone levels are high, the muscles have a superior quality. As an added element, testosterone helps the development of muscle hypertrophy.

Diet to increase testosterone naturally

There is a set of foods that make it possible to increase testosterone. Among them you can name some that are always within our reach; There are foods usually present throughout the year and some others are seasonal .


The avocado bears a resemblance to the testicles and the ancient Central Americans knew it. The amount of vitamins and minerals present in the avocado make it highly testosterone-promoting. Vitamin B6 and minerals such as zinc are of great importance.

Meet with no fat

Lean meats have a great impact on testosterone levels; they contain high levels of protein and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. The protein fulfills the function of building muscle.


Cholesterol helps synthesize testosterone and the egg has cholesterol. This cholesterol is not altered, adulterated, but pure cholesterol. The cholesterol present in eggs has generated fears historically, since there was a belief that it was harmful to health.

However, more recent research has been questioning the harmful nature of cholesterol in eggs. In turn, the egg yolk is a regulator of calcium and this favors the production of testosterone.


Some studies have determined that being overweight lowers testosterone levels. Losing weight and eliminating fat stimulates the regulation of this hormone. The regulation or elimination of sugar from the diet helps to lose weight and prevents another series of health problems. For example, the increase in blood glucose.

High impact exercises

Prolonged low intensity exercise does not contribute in any way to the production of testosterone. The more intense the exercise, the greater the production of testosterone in the body.