5 Tips To Sell T-shirts

When we start our business of printing, making and / or selling T-shirts and accessories, what we generally conceive is to make our ideal product to sell. And then? That’s why I’m going to give 5 tips to sell T-shirts and generate more income.

Many times when we want to start with our t-shirt business, the first thing we question is how to sell shirts? and we think of it as the first solution to offer them to the closest people we know, so we started selling to a group of friends, college, university or business colleagues and at some point there are no sales! Why is this happening? Well, I think some of us know it but very few of us do it and the subject is called Planning.

The planning begins immediately after the Creation and Analysis of an idea or Project that you wish to materialize. When we already have an idea of ​​what we are going to create and commercialize, we must create a plan for both creation and production, because otherwise, our business will become a hobby or a simple business opportunity, Visit: www.pupnpaws.com

5 Tips for Selling T-Shirts – Practical Example

“Jorge” wants to create his business by buying some shirts and sending them to print or print with the logos of the teams that play at the university. “Jorge” develops the idea and sells a total of 250 shirts with some profit margin. When seeing that this generated profits, Jorge returned to invest adding his utility to the investment; with this I expected to sell 400 shirts in this second business. The trouble is that “Jorge” did not count on part of his own market was saturated by it and did not think about doing an analysis and planning.

So that this does not happen to us, I give you the following “tips” to create a good plan and sell more shirts than you expect:

1. Create several designs. I know it sounds like a lot of work and sacrifice but it is much easier to have a “catalog” in which you offer several new designs so your client can choose and decide between your designs. Do not be the same if you show 3 or 4 designs to show 8 or 10 designs. I am almost certain that the initial sacrifice will bear fruit and income.

2. Versatility . Suppose you have a specific niche. It is very likely that this group of potential customers not only buy your shirts, T-shirts or shirts. You can also be versatile and offer divers, hats, bandanas and many other things. Whether they are printed with your designs or not, they are an opportunity to complement your sales and keep your customers.

You can also think of a line of shirts for women or if you are a lady, a line for men. This makes for versatility and many more possibilities.

3. Search for new sales channels. A very used channel in Latin America is Mercado Libre and in Europe it is Ebay. This type of Internet channel will help you to market, despite having to give a commission. You can also seek help from friends to whom you can offer a commission. This has worked for me almost always.

4. Social Networks . Another alternative with very good possibilities is to create your Facebook Fanpage and in addition to offering your shirts, you are also generating articles, news and topics related to the market you are marketing. In the same way you can complement your idea on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com and Instagram.com.

5. Total Quality . Whether you’re just marketing your shirts or shirts and other clothes, or that you print your own designs and your own brand; I always recommend looking to offer the best quality you can and always keep that quality in you. A satisfied customer brings more customers says a saying, and if I add it saying: a satisfied customer remembers you and your company with pleasure and returns to buy, “I guess you would like very much.

Although I know that talking about a website (blog or online store) is a bit hasty if you are starting, I recommend that you do not discard it because if you are disciplined enough and in love with your project, a website of your own becomes your own place or office to sell not only to your group but possibly to another city or country!