Best tips to lose weight after 40

Do not let your dream of getting a healthy, fibrous body fades away just because you’re aging. A few changes in your routine can help you reduce those extra pounds in a very short time. At 20, going to the gym several times a week and eating vegetables occasionally was enough to keep those abs chiseled; at 30, the muscular definition was difficult to achieve, but not impossible and at 40 , order dessert when you go out to dinner outside becomes a time bomb because you’re getting into a swampy territory.

Unfortunately, as the years go by, the metabolism tends to take a vacation, stop and make it look like it is inevitable to put on weight and have a swollen belly. Research published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism’ suggests that our testosterone levels tend to decrease as we approach maturity and reveal that providing testosterone supplements over a period of three months raised the basal metabolic rate to a 13%

In addition, there are many ways to combat those hormonal changes that often accompany middle age. Following these tips if you want to lose weight after 40 will make you get fit quickly Performix SST Side Effects. When you are ready to turn your body into a fat burning machine, you will revolutionize the metabolism and recover the muscle definition that you had lost a long time ago.

Madruga more

“Whoever gets up early, God helps,” says the saying. Well, from the age of forty, it seems to be more real (and a couplet has come out). Research at Northwestern University found that taking a little early morning sun was associated with a significantly lower body mass index compared to people who sunbathed hours later. In addition, doing some exercise early can also help normalize circadian rhythms, providing enough rest stimulator metabolism.

The research also suggested that early risers tend to be more optimistic and have less stress than those who do nightlife, which can reduce their levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which could trigger the storage of fat in the womb.

Eat an apple

Taking one of these fruits a day keeps weight gain at bay. One medium size contains four grams of soluble fiber, which represents more than 13% of the recommended daily dose and can be an effective edible solution to avoid the pains that would otherwise keep you sidelined. Its peel is loaded with pectin, a type of fiber that according to several investigations is effective to increase the healthy bacteria of the intestine, including lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, responsible for accelerating metabolism.

The apples red are also packed with quercetin , a compound that can help reduce joint pain associated with arthritis, and resveratrol , good to combat abdominal fat.

Eat slowly

This is confirmed by a new study from the University of Hiroshima in Japan, which after analyzing more than 1,000 middle-aged people found that those who ate quickly were 5.5 times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome (MS) than those who did it slowly. . Dr. Takayuki Yamaji , author of the study, said that “eating more slowly can be a crucial lifestyle change to help prevent this syndrome.”

The research reveals that eating slowly not only increases satiety, but also can help regulate the hormonal response in the intestine, facilitating the control of cravings and keeping your weight.

Do weight training

The easiest way to lose weight after forty is to do weight exercises. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that only 20 minutes of this type of activity a day reduced men’s risk of abdominal fat as the years passed, while performing the same amount of cardio did not have that benefit. While you work to perfect the upper part, you will realize that you are exercising your abs as well as your shoulders.

Take broth with bones

Put it on your menu and you’ll be on your way to having a slimmer body in a very short time. Bone broth is a good source of glucosamine, which can help attack the inflammation that is causing the kilos of the balance to rise year after year. In fact, research published in ‘PLoS One’ found that middle-aged adults who want to lose weight and added supplements of this nutrient to their routine reduced by almost a quarter the biomarkers of inflammation in their system. In addition, it is also full of amino acids that can help repair the lining of your digestive tract, further reducing congestion and promoting the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which can increase your metabolic rate.

Eat pomegranate

The seeds of this fruit help protect the dermis and the epidermis, by regenerating the skin cells, so they are indicated to treat sunburn and even to accelerate the healing rate of a wound. They are very nutritious so their daily consumption also slows aging, protecting against wrinkles, sun spots or the harmful effects of grape rays.

In addition, they can make you feel lighter in a short time. A study conducted at the University of Naples Federico II found that mice fed a high-fat diet together with pomegranate seed oil supplements lost more weight and body fat, while they increased their sensitivity to insulin by 70% in comparison with a control group. Research also suggests that pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and can help lower LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Eat eggs

Starting the morning with some egg whites (proteins) can help you get rid of the floats before you know it. A study published in the ‘International Journal of Obesity’ revealed that middle-aged participants who started the day with this menu lost more weight than those who started with a caloric, high-carbohydrate breakfast. If you worry that your cholesterol increases, do not do it; although research suggests that most people can safely consume three eggs a day without adversely affecting their cholesterol.

Take nuts

You can often think that high-fat foods, such as nuts, should not be consumed by those who want to lose weight, but that does not mean you should exclude them from the menu. A study conducted by researchers at the Reina Sofía University Hospital found that, during a 28-day observation, participants who ate a diet rich in monounsaturated fats , such as those found in nuts, improved their sensitivity to insulin and they retained less abdominal fat than subjects whose meals were rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates . Nuts are also good sources of protein and fiber, so they help keep you satiated and avoid cravings.

Add vinegar to the salad

The digestive juices contain hydrochloric acid and enzymes essential for the proper decomposition of food. “A couple of tablespoons in warm water on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before dinner stimulate the metabolism and reduce appetite, so you consume calories a little faster and eat a little less.”