6 tips for eating sushi

To enjoy sushi more, follow these tips from Masaharu Morimoto, distinguished chef of the Food Network television network, and owner of restaurants in New York, Philadelphia:

  1. Soak the correct side.
    When eating nigiri sushi (a bit of glutinous rice topped with a strip of fish or seafood), lightly soak the strip—not the rice—in soy sauce to further enjoy the flavor sushi near me.
  2. Eat in order.
    Go from light to dark. To appreciate the flavor of each type of fish, start with mild, light-colored varieties, and then move on to dark fish, which are greasier and stronger in flavor.
  3. Use wasabi sparingly.
    If the chef didn’t add wasabi to your sushi, spread some directly on the fish or roll. Do not alter the flavor of wasabi by mixing it with soy sauce.
  4. Cleanse your palate.
    Don’t put pickled ginger in your sushi. Instead, eat it between bites, and that way you’ll prepare your taste buds for what’s next.
  5. Forget wooden chopsticks.
    Sushi was born as a street food, and it is still acceptable to eat it with your fingers, if you prefer.
  6. Don’t nibble.
    Sushi chefs carefully measure the proportions of fish, rice and wasabi in each piece; Eat these in one bite.






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