Freight Forwarder vs 3PL Service Provider

This article is mainly prepared for the purpose of explaining the similarities and differences between a freight forwarder and a 3pl provider.

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about the difference between a Freight Forwarding Company and a 3PL Logistics service. To answer it with the bare words,Freight Forwarder vs 3PL Service Provider Articles they both are used for the transportation service. But, they get differentiated with the methods, techniques and services they provide for transportation processes. To understand them deeply, we have to understand the working of both companies clearly. Let us begin with the description of the both services.What is freight forwarding?Freight forwarding means the transportation of goods from one place to another place. This entire process can be assisted and carried out by the people called Freight Forwarders. If we engage with a freight forwarder to let our freight move, they will take care of all the processes even if the modes of transportation have to be done in different ways.What is 3PL Service?3PL can be abbreviated as Third Party Logistics service. It provides a lot of services which are not provided by a freight forwarder. 3PL service providers take care of your goods while transportation. Their service includes storing the goods, picking, packing and even till the receiver collects the goods. They take care of the delivery time too. They make your transportation fulfilled. If the order is getting hard or complex, 3PL service providers may incorporate a freight forwarder to manage certain shipments.Differences between a freight forwarder and a 3PL service providerDiscussing the similarities and differences between a freight forwarder and a 3PL service provider might help the people to choose the right one for their requirements. A freight forwarder is the one who helps you for the movement of your goods. Whereas, a 3PL will serve you the help in all of your logistics needs. A 3PL provider may incorporate a freight forwarder to manage shipments, but the versa is not possible.While comparing them both, 3Pl service provider provides more offers and services than a freight forwarder. That’s why they play a major role in customer service and their satisfaction. A good 3PL provided will help you even from the starting of warehousing and till the end. Finally, 3PLs are the end-to-end (full) service providers. Whereas, a freight forwarder is an intermediate who works in between the shippers and carriers. 3PL charges are higher when compared with freight forwarding. But, compared with the orders and services, 3PL is more cost efficient than all.While concluding this article, I would like to suggest you a company 20Cube Freight Forwarding & Logistics Solutions, if you are the one who is looking for a genuine logistics solutions company in Australia. It is an Australia Trusted Trader company and one of the best in the field. They cater their services throughout the globe by having 50+ branches worldwide. In Australia, there are 3 different branches available namely freight forwarders Brisbanefreight forwarder Melbourne, and freight companies Sydney. Reach out to them in order to experience a smooth freight forwarding experience.  I hope this article helped you to understand the differences between a freight forwarder and a 3pl provider. Thanks for reading.

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