Tips to enjoy a Japanese dinner

You will learn the basic rules separating it into three stages: before dinner or arrival; at dinner and how to behave with food sushi near me.

Before dinner
The first step to look good is always to say hello, for Japanese culture a greeting represents respect and trust, it is important not to exaggerate with the greeting and make it come out as natural as possible, incorporating a small gift upon your arrival is always well regarded.

If the Japanese dinner you are invited to is very traditional, remember to take off your shoes when entering the house, this is a very common custom in Japan, and it is with the intention of not bringing the dirt on your shoes from outside to inside. the House.

In the dinner
When you are at the table, remember that the tables are much lower than what you are used to, so it is very important that your posture is correct and not slouched. Any movement you want to make must be very relaxed and remember to never Playing with chopsticks and if using chopsticks is very difficult for you, it is better to ask for cutlery.

If you want to learn how to use chopsticks you can enter the following note where you will find instructions for using Chinese chopsticks .

Japanese dinner served
First of all, never use your cell phone at the table, although for us it is common for someone to be using the cell phone, for the Japanese it is very rude and even offensive, remember to receive any dish with both hands, wait for the host to of the instruction to start eating and he is the one who has to serve the drinks.

Taking these steps into account, we assure you that you will be able to enjoy an incredible Japanese dinner and you will look great with your hosts for a second invitation.

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